Here you will learn 14 different ways you can make money whilst being in the comfort of your own home. All you will need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. Most of the ways that we will talk about don’t require you to have any expert knowledge which allows you to start building multiple streams of income today!

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a fulfilment business model which involves advertising a product from a manufacture to customers at a higher price and shipping the product directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Dropshippers use digital marketing skills to advertise their products to the right audience and then profit on the difference in price. This is a great way to get started in e-commerce as this business does not require any inventory as all the physical shipping aspects will be carried out by your manufacturer.

Upfront cost: low, as successful dropshipping stores can start from $300.

Many people have managed to create 8 figure dropshipping stores, so this industry is very profitable. However, it is difficult and requires a lot of persistence and the willingness to learn and master digital marketing.

2. E-book

An electronic book that can be sold and downloaded online on numerous platforms and can be about anything and provide you a passive income stream from anywhere in the world. Once published, your e-book can continue to make you money for years to come without much effort.

Upfront cost: Low, as the only cost would be publishing.

E-books do require a lot of time and effort to produce, but with the right marketing and good content, e-books can generate tens of thousands in income over long periods of time.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves marketing other people’s products/services online and receiving a commission on the sales that you generate. Businesses will give affiliates their own personal link to their products which the affiliate will then promote to drive traffic to the companies’ website. Affiliates use social media, YouTube and blogs to advertise their affiliate products to their audience. The affiliate Marketing industry is now worth over $4 billion dollars and is still growing rapidly.

Upfront: low, as no money is required to acquire affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing does require time and effort to attract a large enough audience to your affiliate links to start making noticeable income.

4. Sell an online course

An online course can be about any topic, providing people with a how-to guide or a course about your profession. The course can be presented in any format you choose such as videos, a written document or as an audio file. Like the e-book, when you have launched your course it will continue to make you money passively with minimal effort.

Upfront cost: low, with the only cost bee marketing your course and running a website.

Successful courses are marketed well as it is essential to only spend money on advertising to the right people. Advertising to the wrong people will only wate money and time so learning the basics of digital marketing is very important. Online courses differ in price depending on the content and difficulty of it, but many online courses can sell from $50-$1000.

5. Day trading

Day trading involves buying and selling stocks, shares or currency pairs within the same day. Day trading can be very profitable with the right knowledge and experience. This is the hardest way to make money home as it requires the most skill and patience, but it is the most rewarding and can be very successful. The forex market exchanges trillions of dollars every day so when you have mastered this skill you have to potential to make millions.

Upfront cost: high, as it requires your own investment to trade with. Many people lose a lot of money and learn from their mistakes before becoming profitable at day trading.

6. Print on demand

A print on demand business consists designing products and only printing your designs once you have made a sale. There are many print and demand websites like where they will print your design onto your product only once you make a sale. This means you don’t need an inventory and don’t have to deal with shipping. All you have to do is come up with the design. You can sell your designs on a many platform like amazon, Esty or on your own website. Printful offer printing on a range of products like mugs, t-shirts and pillows to name a few so you will able to find a product you would want to sell.

Upfront cost: Low, with the main cost being paying for the printing of your product.

There are a lot of people making 5 figures every month from selling their own designs using the print on demand business model. You can head to to find out more.

7. YouTube channel

A great way to start making money from home is creating a YouTube channel. You can create videos about anything, many people make videos about their interests and slowly build a community of subscribers. YouTubers make money from YouTube placing adverts infront of their videos and getting paid for bringing traffic towards that advert. As a result, the more views your video generates, the more money you will make.

Upfront cost: Zero

Many people have YouTube accounts with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and make thousands of dollars from it every month.

8. Social Media Management Agency

You can start a Social Media Management Agency from home as many businesses don’t have time or the knowledge to run a successful social media account and are willing to pay people to manage it for them. Most people that use social media on a daily basis will have a good idea on how to use it and grow an account. This is a good way to start a consistent income as businesses will pay you a fixed fee every month to manage their social media accounts creating yourself a recurring income. You can grow your agency by gaining more clients increase your income.

Upfront cost : low to moderate of around $400+

The more money spent marketing yourself to get the attention of potential clients the more likely you are to gain one. This business does require patience to land your first client, but it can be very rewarding in the long term.

9. Membership Website

A membership site involves customers signing up to your website and paying a monthly subscription fee to gain access to either your content, a service you provide or a product. A membership website could be access to information about your information about your profession or information about an exam you have taken in the past. It could also be a product that you ship to your customer every month like a shaving product or cleaning supplies for example.

Upfront cost: low to Moderate, as it  will depend on the good you are offering. If you provide information to your customers, the cost will be a lot less than if you were sending customers products each month.

10. Flipping Products Online

Flipping products online is a common way many people start making money from home. This involves buying products at a low price and reselling it for a higher price to generate a profit. Almost anything can be flipped for a profit and there are many platforms to sell and buy products to flip like eBay.

Upfront cost: Low to Moderate, depending on what products you are planning to sell.

11. Domain Names

A domain name is apart of the network address which identifies the website. Buying and selling these names can build a serious income if done correctly and can be done right from the comfort of your home. If you persist with this and learn how to spot valuable domain names, you will be able to create large profits. There are many websites to find domain names such as to buy and list your domains. Some domains have been sold for millions of dollars.

Upfront cost: Moderate

12. Online Consulting or Coaching

Online coaching or consulting is when you can offer your advice and expertise in a certain field your familiar with to help others learn and grow. This can be done from your home as you can communicate online or through emails. If you already have a strong knowledge in a particular field, why not sell your knowledge and help people that are seeking for it? Depending on what you’re offering, you can be charging hundreds or thousands for each customer.

Upfront cost: Low

13. Blogging

Writing an online blog can be a great way to make money. You can write about anything that interest you or that you would like to learn about. People make money by placing display ads on their blogging site and get paid an amount every day depending on how much traffic their blog gets. Bloggers also make money through affiliate marketing by promoting their affiliated products in reviews or in a how-to guide.

As you attract more traffic to your site you can start adding more affiliate links and display ads to it and you will start to see your income increase. A lot of people have made hundreds of thousands from blogging alone.

Upfront cost: low, only cost would be having a domain name and a website host.

14. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA can be a great place to sell products and make thousands as Amazon get millions of users every month, so your products will be visible to many people. Amazon also handles packaging and delivery, so you don’t need to put in much effort once you have launched your product in the Amazon store. Product research is very important to make sure that the product that you are selling is a winning product.

Upfront cost: moderate to high, as you would need to buy the product you are selling in bulk from a supplier.

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